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Party Wall Agreements

A party wall is a partition erected on property boundary, partly on the land of one owner and partly on the land of another, to provide common support to the structures on both sides of the boundary.

Each person owns as much of a party wall as is situated on his or her land. The wall is subject to reciprocal rights of use over the property of another, i.e. in favour of each owner for the support of his or her building or for the maintenance of the wall.

The Royal Institute of British Architects advises that a company cannot undertake the architectural services and the party wall surveyor services for the same project, as this could be construed by the courts as a conflict of interests.

Although we do not provide party wall surveyor services, we can recommend a party wall surveyor to you. The services of a party wall surveyor includes serving of notices, preparing condition surveys and awards. The party wall surveyor also inspects the proposed works and possible effects on neighbouring properties before, after and sometimes during construction. They are then able to report and hopefully mitigate damage to the neighbouring properties.

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